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NOKIA Smartphones ClearBlack AMOLED


Nokia introduced at the Nokia World 2010 their first smartphone with ClearBlack AMOLED Display technology.
Samsung Display delivers to Nokia a improved Super Amoled Display with Pentile Pixel Matrix. Nokia suggest vibrant colors, high contrast and a better battery life. But the main goal is to reach a better screen quality if you use your smartphone outside or in direct sunlight. A ClearBlack display uses a special polarising layer to eliminate reflections. It is similiar to polarising sunglasses, the polariser cuts out reflected light. So a CBD AMOLED as an polarized layer to get a better picture quality in direct sunglight or for outdoor use, by using the same brightness.

More about the ClearBlack AMOLED

nokia clearblack display NOKIA Smartphones ClearBlack AMOLED


ClearBlack Display1 300x280 NOKIA Smartphones ClearBlack AMOLED

Nokia Lumia 925

The Nokia Lumia 925 use a brighter AMOLED display, the engineers from Nokia has improved the maximum brightness up to 600 Nits. The company says that this is brighter than any other OLED Display in the market. We believe that this display is also from Samsung Display. Nokia use a light sensor, which are give you the correct brightness all the time. The display has also a new touch technology named: Super Sensitive Touch “The technology is adaptive so it reacts to any conductive object that is touching the screen,” explains Senior Technology Manager Jussi Ropo
But also this new improved ClearBlack Display has a Pentile pixel matrix.

Nokia Smartphones with CBD

Nokia 700 (Clear Black Display)
Nokia 808 Pureview (CBD)
Nokia C7-00
Nokia C6-01 (CBD)
Nokia E7-00 (CBD)
Nokia Lumia 800 (CBD)
Nokia Lumia 810 (Clear Black Display)
Nokia Lumia 820 (CBD)
Nokia Lumia 822 (CBD)
Nokia Lumia 900 (CBD)
Nokia Lumia 925 (CBD)
Nokia Lumia 928 (CBD)
Nokia Lumia 1020 (CBD)
Nokia N8
Nokia N9 (CBD)
Nokia X7

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