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Samsung Display ready to produce 8-10 inch AMOLED panels

Samsung develop a UHD AMOLED panel for smartphones

Samsung Display is ready to mass produce 8-10 inch AMOLED panels in February/March 2014. The company is also ready to produce the S5 panels but in the Etnews report there is no word about the resolution and display technology (OLED/LCD).

Samsung Display is working on a QHD AMOLED panel (2560 x 1440) but we know that there are some technical hints that must be solved. And for sure Samsung need a lot of panels if they use QHD OLED panels for the Galaxy S5.

Samsung will introduce three new Tablet Pcs with Super AMOLED displays in the next few months. On a Indian shipping site (source) we see three unknown Samsung Tablet Pcs on a shipping list. The model numbers are SM-T530, SM-T535, and SM-T531 two of the models are with a 8-inch display and one with a 10.1 inch panel. This are prototypes and we think all three devices has a Super-AMOLED Display.

In the Report Semiconductor and Display Technology Roadmap Seminar 2014, Samsung confirmed that the plan is to introduce a AMOLED Panel with unbelievable UHD (3480×2160) resolution for Smartphones. That means a pixel density from about 820 ppi on a 5 inch display. We think this can be possible not before end 2015.

galaxy s5 560ppi amoled Samsung Display ready to produce 8 10 inch AMOLED panels

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