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Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 features not a flexible AMOLED

In a document from Samsung and Korea Investment & Securities the korean company confirmed that the Galaxy S4 Mini will be released in the next few weeks. Samsung released also a Galaxy S3 mini but the company was not happy with the success. Samsung confirmed that the Galaxy S4 mini was developed along with the Galaxy S4 nearly from the start and has also improved technical specifications.
Samsung has the goal to strenghten the mid-range smartphone linup. Samsung want to have a major success in the mid range segment which means that they want to accelerating the 5.5G OLED line expansion.
Samsung confirmed also the technical details in this document:

Samsung Galaxy S4 mini technical details confirmed

The Galaxy S4 mini features a 1.6 GhZ dual-Core (Exynos 5210) and a 4.3 inch Super Amoled Display with qHD resolution (540×960, 256 ppi), 1 GB (3G), 2 GB (LTE) Ram, 32 GB Memory, Android 4.0 8MP camera and a 2,100 mAh battery

samsung galaxy s4 mini technical details Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung confirmed new flaghsip Smartphone Model with a 6 inch Display

Confirmed is also a new flagship model with a 6 inch display in the second quarter 2013.(Galaxy Note3?)
Samsung did not want to use high definition LCD displays for its new 6-inch flagship model in 2H13.
Samsung-Display make equipment orders for the A2P5 line with delivery scheduled at end July which gives only three or four months of manufacture, that means that the demand is growing faster than expected.
samsung display lg display flexible amoled forecast Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
timeline 5.5g samsung display Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung Galaxy Note3 features not a flexible AMOLED

5329009271 3db58aec03 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
Samsung Display plans to produce flexible AMOLED Panels at the A2 P3 line.
This production line has a monthly capacity for such 24.000 sheets based on 5.5G.
That is not enough capacity to make a flagship product with a flexible display like the Galaxy Note3.
Samsung Display has to expand the capacity for the flexible OLED line. Youm is the brand for the Samsung FOLED technology

The same hard facts are also for LG-Display. LG-Display has a monthly capacity of 8.000 sheets based on a 4G production line.

Samsung Display has not entered the mass production phase for flexible OLED panels yet.
The supply of necessary equipment has not been finalized yet. Some specific process should be finalized in 1H13 but the are not ready to mass produce. Samsung Display start the prdouction maybe in 2H13 but the shipments that can be supplied to Samsung Electronics would be to less. So the Galaxy Note 3 get no flexible AMOLED Display.

Samsung Display vs LG-Display flexible AMOLED

Samsung Display is usiing thin film encapsulation, LG Display developing a technology named face-sealing technology. LG-Displays technology allows easier and fewer processes and has more flexible applications in larger panels. The disadvantages is that this technology is not ready for mass production.
LG Display want to be ready in 2H13.
samsung lg flexible amoled Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

Samsung still undecided on technologies to use for large-size OLED panels

Samsung Display confirmed at the CES-2013 that the company want to release a 55 inch OLED-TV (KN55ES9600)
But this is only a sign that Samsung Display start a huge OLED-Tv panel investment. The same game plays LG-Display because the company also unveiled a 55 inch 55EM9600 and a curved 55 inch 55EA9800, and LG Display ramp up a 8G OLED line. LG -Display has already started preparations to mass produce larger WOLED panels for the television market.

Samsung Display has not decide what kind of technology they want to use.
The favorite is that Samsung Display would use LTPS TFT technology and second RGB patterned small-mask scanning (SMS) at the 8G line. But its also possible that they use Oxide TFT instead of LTPS TfT and White OLED instead of SMS and 6G instead of 8G. In 2H13, Samsung will finalize the technologies discussion and start facility investment for mass-production lines. As there is a possibility that technologies used at the first line could change going forward, SD would have several production options as shown below. That means that mass-production of cheap OLED TV panels could be possible in 2H14.

samsung display lg display oled tv forecast 2013 Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini
samsung display oled tv production options Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini

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