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Samsungs Kim says cheap OLED-Tv in three or four years!

Major problems to produce cheap large OLED-panels

In an interview with USATODAY the vice president of Samsung Visual Display Business HS Kim says that Samsung Display has problems at the manufacturing process. To solve this major problems Kim thinks that Samsung Display need more time and he think it will take around three or four years to produce cost competitive large OLED-Television devices.

The price of an OLED-TV is the greatest barrier, not many consumers tried to purchase OLED-Tvs at that kind of price Kim said. So remember the KN55S9CAF a curved 55 inch OLED-Display from Samsung cost about 8.000-9.000 Euros.
The price is so high because Samsung Display as difficulties at the OLED manufacturing process. Many companies are working on cheap Organic light panels, we think the solution is InkJet Printing. Merck plans to co-operate her with LG-Display, Kateeva also plans to work with some korean gigant. He admitted that at this time last year, he had predicted that it would take two or three years, indicating that the manufacturing issues are more significant than previously thought.
That are bad news but LG-Display use WOLED technology and this kind of technology is easier in the manufacturing process. So we think that LG-Display go on to push OLED-Television as fast as possible, so the chance to be the leadership is great for LG. At the CES-2014 Samsung showcase no new device, only a 55 inch bendable prototype device, but LG introduced five models which are production ready.
Also Sony and Panasonic has problems with the manufacturing process, but they plans to use inkjet printing technology.
Both companies fail because they did not reach the goal because because of the production costs. Now Panasonic showcased printed panels at CES-2014 and they use AUO produced Oxide-TFT backplanes and Sumitomo’s P-OLED materials and a direct-emission architecture.


samsung oled tv vs lg display technology Samsungs Kim says cheap OLED Tv in three or four years!

flexible OLED-Tvs at CES-2014

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