Sony and Panasonic stop their OLED-TV partnership

New focus on high-demand 4K ULTRA HD technology

Sony and Panasonic have decided to stop their OLED-Tv development, the goal was to combine Panasonics printing organic material technology with Sonys Super Top Emission technology. But both companies fail because they did not reach the goal because because of the production costs.

The electronics firms decided not to renew their tie-up contract when it expires at the end of the year, and will instead pursue development independently. They signed the partnership in June 2012 and showcased also a printed 4K OLED-Tv at CES-2013. Instead of developing printed OLED-Tv panels they want to concentrate now on high demand 4K LCD technology. This are not good news for the OLED Industry but we think both companies stop not there own development on large OLED panels.

Displaysearch says that the 4K ULTRA HD are taking off massive, with 1.95 million devices in 2014. They think that 61 Million devices will be sold in 2017.
Sony and Panasonic plans to restructuring their TV business, and both companies that OLED commercialization is a high risk decision.

Sony and Panasonic are restructuring their underperforming TV businesses through such measures as slimming down lineups of low-cost products. They likely considered OLED commercialization too great a risk for the time being — a decision that may give the market for the fledgling technology further trouble getting off the ground.
Why high risk? Because the production costs are to high and the OLED Tv market take not off, the global shipments of OLED Tvs in 2014 are only 20.000 devices, and in 2017 9 million panels.


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sony 4k oled Sony and Panasonic stop their OLED TV partnership

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