Visionox developed 4.3 inch AMOLED with 570 ppi

Visionox use a new pixel arrangement to reach 570ppi

The chinese copmany Visionox developed a 4.3 inch AMOLED Display with 570ppi resolution. The company reached the goal with their own pixel matrix arrangement.  Check out the picture! Visionox use the RGB sub-pixel arrangement structure to achieve a high resolution. … Read more!


LG Display plans to produce 90 inch or larger OLED-Tv panels

LG DIsplay start ramping up M2 production line to expand the OLED-Television production

At the Korea Display Conference 2014 LG-Display informed the people in their presentation about the status of large sized OLED-Tv technology.  - Business Opportunity of OLED TV  - The Progress of Large-sized OLED TV Technology and Its Benefits – Technical Challenge … Read more!


Ribag OVISO OLED lighting series

It was a pleasure for us to meet the guys of Ribag in their amazing booth at the Light and Building 2014 in Frankfurt. Ribag introduced their OVISO OLED lighting range — the world’s first complete OLED lighting lamp series. The OVISO … Read more!


Samsung has stopped producing OLED TVs?

We got some information from Korean analysts (koreaherald infos) that Samsung has stopped producing OLED-Televison devices. Hana Daetoo Securitis thinks that it will become the leader in 2014 in curved OLED-TV because of the WRGB (white, red, green, blue) production process. Remember our … Read more!


Sumitomo Chemical Polymer OLED

At the light and building 2014 Sumitomo Chemical showcased their new Dual-Color Polymer OLED Lighting panels. The japanese designer Motoko Ishii designed their booth with many of their dual color emission polymer OLED lighting panels. Sumitomo Chemicals named their application … Read more!


Birot OLED Pixelate

It was a pleasure to meet the designer of the Birot Pixelate at the Light and Building event 2014 in Frankfurt. He told me that the design of the OLED Pixelate lamp is nearly the same of the movement of … Read more!