Sony Xperia Z3X features a 6.14-inch Trimaster OLED display

Trimaster OLED display with Super Top Emission WOLED Pixel Structure

Sonys new smartphone flagship the Xperia Z3X  features a 6.14 inch Trimaster OLED Display. The display has the same technology (Top Emission) like the broadcast monitor series. We think that the display can be produced in co-operation with Japan Display … Read more!

Apple iPad Air 3 with Oxide TFT LCD

oxide TFT LCD instead of OLED Display

The Apple iPad Air3 (provisional name) will be released with a oxide TFT LCD Display instead a OLED Display. The new Tablet Pc from Apple should be released in the second half of 2015, the company want to reduce the … Read more!


LG Display 18 inch flexible OLED Display

LG Display showcase the world largest flexible/foldable OLED-Display. The Display has a size from about 18 inch it is a full colour display which is foldable and rollable, you can roll it into a tube that´s a mere 3cm across. … Read more!


Samsung Display no rival company buy Super-Amoled

Samsung Display says that no rival company want to buy Super-Amoled Display technology for their smartphones. Only Samsung Electronics for its Galaxy S series, Note, Galaxy Tab-S Galaxy-Gear, Fit etc. products use Super-Amoled Displays. Samsung Displays CEO no Samsung rival … Read more!


Sony no OLED-Tv Panels from LG-Display

Sony declined the rumors that the japanese company plans to use OLED-Television panels from LG-Display to introduce OLED-Tv under their own brand. Imamura from Sony says:The copmany has no plans to invest in any OLED or LCD factory and we … Read more!