Samsung Galaxy Gear S 2-inch AMOLED

Curved Super AMOLED Display with 360x480 pixels

Samsung Electronics Unveiled Its Latest Wearable “Samsung Gear S” The Galaxy Gear S has a Tizen based wearable OS plattform. The Super Amoled has a size of 2.0 inch with 360×480 pixels. Other features of Samsung Gear S include a … Read more!


LG G Watch R features a 1.3-inch circular Plastic OLED

First Smartwatch with circular POLED 320x320 pixel

Now the smartwatch from LG-Electronics is official, this is world first smartwatch with a 1.3 inch Plastic OLED with a 320×320 pixel resolution. The G-Watch-R works with the Android Wear OS. This new gadget will be introduced at the IFA-2014 … Read more!


Really cheap Printed OLED-Tv panels ready in 2016/2017

Many companies want to introduce a technology which they can print OLED-Displays, Panasonic, Kateeva, Dupont are developing this kind of technology. Panasonic showcased printed OLED-Television panels at CES-2014, but the major problem are the organic material. But the major companies … Read more!


Display Makers OLED Oxide Tablet PC in 2015

Thanks to Apple the major display makers LG-Display, Samsung-Display, JOLED plan to to commercializing oxide thin film Transistor TFT OLED and LCD Displays for Tablet PCs in Q2 2015. The korean industry says that Samsung Displays R&D line is developing … Read more!


Winstar flexible OLEDs and lighting developments

Winstar Display Co. is a company from Taiwan, established in 1998 and has the focus to manufacturing and development of hiqh quality PM-OLED industrial displays products. Winstar is one of the leading company which delivers PMOLED for the industry. The … Read more!


LG G Watch 2 with OLED IFA-2014

There are rumors that LG-Electronics is ready to introduce a new smartwach, wristwatch at the IFA-2014 event in Germany. The G-Watch 2 features a AMOLED Display which are produced from LG-Display. At the moment we have no informations about details … Read more!