Samsung plans to lower production costs of Super-Amoled DIsplays

Samsung introduce a foldable OLED in half by end 2015

Samsung is under pressure because the company is not happy with the smartphone business. The company decide to launch not so many smartphone models as in the past. The reason for that is simple with this decision the company provide … READ MORE NOW:

First Yieldjet system which is mass production ready delivered to an unnamed customer in Asia! Samsung Display/LG-Display?

Kateeva introduce YIELDjet FLEX printed Flexible OLEDs become real

At the Printed Electronics USA conference in Santa clara, Kateeva makes some major announcements. The company delivered their first Yieldjet system which is mass production ready to an unnamed Asian company.  We think its Samsung Display or LG-Display. Another breaking news … READ MORE NOW:


LG sold 1,000 OLED-Tv Units in October 2014

LG Electronics and LG Display drops the price for their curved OLED-Television devices every month.  The korean company informed us that the sales of the 55 inch OLED-Television device has reached 1.000 units in October 2014 in Korea.  The reason … READ MORE NOW:


2.8-inch 1058ppi OLED Panel from SEL

SEL Semiconductor Energy Laboratory R&D developed an AMOLED with a very high resolution of 1,058ppi. SEL showcase this new hig ppi Panel at the DIsplay Innovation 2014 event Yokohama City Japan. The idea is to use that high resolution OLED … READ MORE NOW:


Japan Display 5.2-inch flexible OLED display

Japan Display is proud to showcase a 5.2 inch flexible AMOLED Display at the FPD-International 2014 Display Innovation Event. This flexible OLED prototype is the first from Japan Display with a amazing thickness of 0.05mm! The panel is made with … READ MORE NOW:


Google Nexus 6 QHD AMOLED display

Motorola and Google introduce their new smartphone flagship Nexus 6. The Nexus-6 is the world first smartphone with Android 5.0 Lollipop. The Display is a 5.96 inch QHD AMOLED Display with 493ppi. This OLED Display is produced from Samsung Display. … READ MORE NOW: